Employee Engagement

Measure and increase employee satisfaction through feedback management via app & terminal

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Manager Dashboard

Your tool for employee feedback and continuous listening.

Conduct standard surveys to compare yourself to the industry benchmark or create individual employee questionnaires – the decision is yours.

Collect feedback from employees either via app, stationary feedback terminals or web-integration – OR through all three channels.

Whether you want to measure your working atmosphere through continuous Net Promoter Score® surveys, respond to qualitative feedback, or conduct more complex analyses – there are no boundaries.


Engage App

Reach all your employees. Anywhere. Anytime.

Pulse: With Honestly’s standardized Pulse Survey you can get feedback from your employees periodically – whether monthly, weekly or daily: it’s completely up to you! Ask your employees how satisfied they are with their job and benchmark yourself.

Suggestions: With the Engage App, employees can give feedback and suggestions continuously. The best part: Employees can choose whether they want to give suggestions anonymously or publicly. Anonymity of your employees is always ensured if they choose private feedback.

Individual Polls: Whether you want to create onetime questionnaires for specific events or continuous surveys that are customized for your company – a multitude of question types allows you to collect all the data you need.

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Feedback Terminal

Feedback Terminal

Collect and measure feedback – directly on the spot.

Stationary feedback terminals are the perfect tool for location-based surveys – complaint management and suggestion system combined in one elegant place bound measuring instrument.

Whether for sanitary facilities, kitchens or lounges – show your employees and visitors that your company has an open ear!

Individually configurable surveys make the modern touch screen terminal the ideal survey tool for all needs.

Feedback Webapp

Web Integration

Surveys on the web
– simple & flexible.

Need more flexibility? With the web integration of questionnaires, you can determine the feedback channel yourself.

Use the web integration on your own devices or send feedback requests simply by using a link in e-mails and other chat services.

Also possible as a simple QR code: The ideal solution for obtaining feedback and opinions after presentations and meetings.

Daniel Losert
SELLBYTEL Group / Operations Manager

“For employees, using Honestly as a platform means: I can express myself anonymously. That is very well received.”

With Honestly, Daniel Losert from SELLBYTEL has slashed the sickness rate by 50% and saves more than €30,000 a month.

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